A. This white paper is intended to describe the services of 1eco and can be reviewed and revised due to the project's schedule, progress, and other factors.
B. The version of this white paper is based on the date shown on the cover page. The contents of this white paper reflect only the direction and progress of the project until such date and may be changed at any time after the date of creation.
C. The version of this white paper may be changed and updated on an irregular basis depending on the need to revise its content.
D. This white paper is not intended to collect or receive funds, and no one can raise or receive funds based on this white paper. Any action, such as sending this white paper, should not be construed as a purchase proposal.
E. This white paper is not intended to suggest investment or recruit investors, nor may it be construed as an offer of investment or recruitment of investors by any geographical or environmental factors.
F. The distribution of 1eco coins will be done through a contract separate from this white paper, and the contract will follow its own agreement. If the content of this white paper and the content of the contract do not match or are in conflict, the content of the contract shall prevail.
G. In countries or regions where the content of this white paper is illegal, it should not be reproduced, modified, or distributed in whole or in part in such regions. Further, if a party recognizes that they are from the country or region where this white paper is illegal and still chooses to make investments, then the party is deemed to acknowledge the risks associated with such activity, and 1eco shall not be liable or have any legal responsibilities regarding such action by the party.
H. 1eco coins defined in this white paper cannot be construed as financial investment products such as bonds, stocks, securities, auctions, derivatives, etc., and cannot claim rights in any case. 1eco coins does not guarantee income or profits, such as financial interest, under any circumstances. In addition, the buyer of 1eco coins should not interpret 1eco coins purchasing behavior as an investment and profit generation act, and no person should understand or recognize it as an entity that can obtain financial income such as investment income and interest.
I. 1eco coins is fully functional at the time of transfer.
J. This white paper does not guarantee the integrity of the business pursued by 1eco, and contracted parties who wish to use 1eco shall provide its services only to the extent possible. The content of this white paper is not responsible for errors and delays in the provision and development of services and related matters, and no person may claim responsibility for this.
K. This white paper covers future plans and is based on the practicality of the plan. However, this is not guaranteed and the content of this white paper does not guarantee the integrity of future developed services.
L. The content of this white paper cannot be construed as legal, financial, accounting, tax, or any other advice in any case. In the process of purchasing and using 1eco coins, separate legal, financial, accounting, taxation, and other actions may occur. Those purchasing may need separate consultation, and 1eco is not responsible for these matters.
M. Due to unintended reasons such as system attacks from third parties, natural disasters, and force majeure reasons, the ecosystem composition may be delayed or other types of tangible and intangible losses may occur.
N. 1eco is not responsible for the buyer's risk caused by loss or leakage of their private key.
O. 1eco is not immune from coin depreciation and changes in the market environment, uncertainty, political risk, competition with competitors, etc., and such factors may lead to the halt of the development of 1eco or change of service direction and plans.
P. 1eco is a technology under development, and any changes in technology that can occur during the development of the technology can have a negative impact on 1eco.
Q. 1eco does not delegate or assign to any person all decisions, including the ecosystem's operating policies and operations, and all decisions are made at the discretion of 1eco.
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