1eco World

Official 1eco Whitepaper, last updated December 2023

1ecoWORLD is a location-based experience-sharing blockchain platform operating on the C2E (Connect-2-Earn) model, introducing a new paradigm where users share their experiences and receive rewards.

1eco adopts the C2E model, allowing local neighbors to share experiences and receive rewards. 1ecoWORLD offers free participation with no entry barriers and provides users with fair compensation! Users can share experiences at their preferred times, such as recommending restaurants, hair salons, cafes, hospitals, clothing stores, and more, in exchange for rewards. Users can follow trendy businesses, and business owners can communicate with followers and engage in effective advertising.

While steady effort is required to increase earnings, there is no fixed minimum time commitment. Users simply need to share information about experiences at their current location on 1ecoWORLD. Through this simple process, individuals can contribute to the local community, collaborate to build the platform, and earn rewards.

Additionally, 1ecoWORLD issues country-based 1ecoWORLD NFTs, and owners of these NFTs receive rewards based on the interest and activity in their local community. Future updates will include advertising features for business owners, with advertising revenue generated by businesses returning as rewards to users holding NFTs.

The C2E structure of 1ecoWORLD is poised to become a new paradigm for decentralized blockchain platforms. We invite you to join 1ecoWORLD, a blockchain-based location-based service connected to the world.

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