1eco Team

1eco Team

Ryan (CEO)

Currently, as a CEO, Ryan is responsible for the integrated management of Metaverse and blockchain-related projects at 1eco Limited.
Ryan received his master's degree in information security from Soongsil University's Graduate School of Information Sciences with a thesis "Security Authentication Using Blockchain".
He served as the head of the research institute of Ubik Networks Co., Ltd., and conducted research in the fields of security authentication and artificial intelligence.
Ryan was the PMO of the Samsung Electronics global SPMS project and supervised the system maintenance and upgrades along with administrating the BOM system.

Jay (CTO)

Currently responsible for spearheading 1eco's overall technology and blockchain server construction.
During his time as the Chief Architect of the ICON project, Jay lead the mainnet construction and operation of the ICON Foundation.
He was also a CTO of Artificial Intelligence Development for a KOSDAQ-listed company with vast experience in developing enterprise backup software and embedded systems.
He is considered a top specialist in the blockchain industry in Korea.
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