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Issuance of Citizenship

Citizenship of 1eco is divided into two types. 1. Private Citizenship and 2. Business Citizenship.
Private Citizenship can be obtained in two ways: (1)Pay a certain amount of poco points (acquired through Resident’s economic activities) to the [Embassy]; (2)Purchase 1eco coin and pay the [Embassy].
Business Citizenship can be obtained by purchasing 1eco coin and paying the [Embassy].
The price of Private Citizenship and Business Citizenship is differentiated, and the amount of poco points and 1eco coins required to obtain Citizenships will be announced daily at the [Embassy]. The required amount of poco points and 1eco coins may change as the number of Citizens increases.

Career choice

Private Citizens' economic activities begin with choosing whether to act as an ordinary Citizen or a Citizen with a job.
Private Citizens can gain the ability to choose their job in two ways: (1)Pay a certain amount of poco points acquired through economic activity to the [Career Center]; (2)Purchase 1peco coins and pay at the [Career Center].
The amount of poco points and 1peco coins required for a Private Citizen to choose a job will be announced daily at the [Career Center] and may change in accordance to an increase in the number of jobs.
The jobs that 1eco provides primarily are as follows:
  • Manager: Has the right to purchase and own licenses (NFT-ed ownership of businesses or products) of local market businesses (food, beauty, hospitality, healthcare, etc.) or various products. Managers can purchase and own licenses for up to three businesses and products each. Managers can increase the value of licenses by increasing the number of Citizen reviews and followers through promotional activities for their licensed businesses or products. Details will be announced at the [Career Center].
  • Editor: The primary information registrant for local market businesses or various products.
  • Supervisor: Has the right to review and approve the information registered by the editor before it is uploaded as a license in the [Market].
Jobs will continue to expand and develop further in the future.

Economic activity

Private Citizens can perform the same economic activities as Residents. The poco point accumulation rate for Private Citizens' economic activities will be announced in the [Main Hall], and the poco point accumulation rate policies may be changed in accordance to increase in economic activity and occupation within the ecosystem.
Private Citizens with a job can engage in additional economic activities according to their job characteristics and receive additional rewards accordingly. The poco accumulation rate for each job's additional economic activities will be announced at the [Career Center].