Business right holder

Issuance of business license

1eco's business license can be issued after purchasing 1peco coins, paying the [Tax Office], and going through business certification. The amount of 1peco coins required to obtain a business license will be announced daily in the [Tax Office], and the required amount of 1peco coins may change in accordance with an increase in the number of business licenses.

Industry selection

After acquiring a business license, a business operator can select an industry at the [Tax Office]. Industries include green energy, green mobility, local markets (food, beauty, etc.), commerce, healthcare, and online-related sectors. Industries will expand in the future.

Business activities

Business owners have the ability to conduct business activities for Residents and Citizens that are connected to their businesses, and products within the 1eco ecosystem. Business owners in the [Interverse] can communicate with Citizens, reply to reviews, notify Citizens of events/discounts/promotions, etc.