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1eco Ecosystem

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1eco will become a platform where ecosystem participants can easily join and engage. 1eco will establish and operate a fair and transparent reward system so that the participants are encouraged and rewarded for voluntarily and continuously engaging within the 1eco ecosystem.
The 1eco ecosystem consists of [Interverse], [Resident], [Citizen], [Business Owner], [Alliance] and [Market].
1eco will issue Residency and Citizenship to anyone that engages in the [Interverse]. Residents and Citizens will be rewarded proportionally for their amount of contribution to solving problems in the fields of green energy, green mobility, local markets, commerce, and healthcare. 1eco will further expand the ecosystem by collaborating with real-world business owners and alliance partners.
[poco]: Reward points paid for economic activities within the 1eco ecosystem.
[License]: NFT of ownership of business or product management rights.