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1PECO coin

Utility Token


1peco coin is an ERC-20 utility coin of the 1eco ecosystem.
In addition, the 1peco coin is also used as a means for Private Citizens to convert poco points obtained through various ecosystem economic activities into real values in order to provide liquidity of poco points.
  • ERC-20 utility coin
  • Acquired by exchanging poco points with 1peco coins
  • Acquired from cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Private Citizen’s job selection and NFT purchase (Job selection and NFT purchase with poco points will be available for a certain period of time in the initial launch. When 1peco coins are listed on multiple exchanges, the use of poco points will be halted)
  • Private citizens exchange poco points with 1peco coins and convert them into cash
  • Acquisition of business rights of Business Citizens
  • Payment of business activity fees by exchanging 1peco coins of Business Citizens with poco points
Details of the fee policy will be updated and announced in the main hall.
Last modified 1yr ago