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Chain Governance


The 1eco Governance Committee will be organized in the form of a partnership for strategic operation of DID nodes. DID nodes will be practiced when governance partners with voting rights satisfy the requirement for participation. In the meantime, DID nodes management is delegated to the foundation. Once the 1eco governance committee is established properly, it will be governed jointly by the foundation and selected partners.
The organizations in close cooperation with the foundation in the mid-to-long term will participate as DID nodes as follows: technology entity to be capable of running a sustainable business or the other entity in charge of infrastructure to expand the ecosystem.

DID node operation

Governance partners in 1eco ecosystem shall build, operate and manage DID nodes. Moreover, they would have to respond to bugs, failures and also, communicate with the foundation. The partners operating DID nodes should stake a certain amount of 1eco governance coin. The size and reward for staking will be decided by voting between DID nodes.

Governance Participation

The 1eco Governance Committee shall actively participate in decision-making for business operation, expansion, and improvement in 1eco ecosystem. Committee will try to make a consensus considering trends and obligations regarding virtual currency through regular meetings.