1eco World

Official 1eco Whitepaper, last updated December 2021
1eco is a platform that will solve various problems in cities by connecting reality and the virtual world using decentralized blockchain technology.
Most energy resources, such as coal and oil, are produced in non-renewable ways to provide energy to cities. These production processes are causing global environmental problems through harmful chemical emissions. On top of this, air pollution from exhaust gases emitted from various forms of transportation causes ozone layer destruction leading to greenhouse gas effects that threaten nature and humans' right to live.
While small business owners in local markets are spending high expenses on advertising due to unreasonable monopolistic systems established by large platform operators, the expected advertising effect is often not guaranteed nor measurable. In addition, while users' distrust of indiscriminate ad reviews in the local market is growing, a transparent reward system has not been established so that users can faithfully contribute to the production of reviewing.
In the healthcare industry, mutual data utilization between different medical institutions is low due to the absence of normalized standards for medical data.
1eco's ecosystem will closely connect with reality in order to encourage green energy production, reduce harmful emissions, induce the use of smart e-mobility, provide small business owners and brands with solutions to promote and manage their customers equally and economically, and collect various healthcare data to be used to enhance human life.
1eco aims to be an ecosystem where everyone can work in an equal position by closely linking daily life to the virtual world.
Additionally, in contrast to the existing centralized virtual ecosystem platforms, we will utilize and develop a decentralized blockchain technology to build a participant-centered virtual ecosystem based on participants' trust.
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